Hey there, I’m Justin


When I was a Teen everyone called me Bearboy.


Twenty Five years ago vegan was a bad word, the internet was just getting popular and I was a twelve-year-old couch potato with bad teeth and no friends.

Every day in my bland suburban junior high I got shoved, punched and teased. I couldn’t wait for summer because I had big plans: to watch a lot of Nickelodeon and eat massive bowls of cereal. It hardly sounds like the beginning of a story that would end with me becoming an activist - but it is.

That summer, I stumbled upon a book about animal rights and after reading it, went vegetarian and started my own animal rights group. When I learned about Ursula and Brutus, two bears living in a cramped and dangerous cage in a park about 30 miles from my home, I found a cause to channel my restless energy.

Over three years, I battled city hall, raised a quarter million dollars, and fought to give the bears a better life.

I am here to share some things I have learned on my journey.

I hope to inspire you to you be proud of who you are, stand up for what you believe in, fight for the rights of others and create a better world.

Much Love


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